Pick Preserved Flowers for Low-Maintenance Style - Holiday Warehouse

Pick Preserved Flowers for Low-Maintenance Style

Pick Preserved Flowers for Low-Maintenance Style - Holiday Warehouse

Who: Julie Weldon of Holiday Warehouse
Where: Plano, Texas
In her own words: 

“Adding floral arrangements to your home is an important part of the design process. Just like selecting the right furniture or paint colors, picking the right arrangement can make all the difference in the world.”

If you love the look of freshly cut flowers but hate the upkeep and short life expectancy, it might be time to give the faux variety a chance. Since many of the flowers and plants used in everlasting arrangements have been naturally preserved, there’s often nothing fake about them. For flowers that don’t preserve well, hand-painted silk versions are used to create lush arrangements made to last a lifetime.

As the head floral designer for Holiday Warehouse in Plano, Julie Weldon is tasked with creating custom floral arrangements for residential interiors and events. “One of the biggest perks of everlasting arrangements is that they can be manipulated in ways that fresh flowers cannot,” she says.

Creating art with flowers. 

Weldon studied at a commercial art school in Atlanta but never pursued a career as a professional artist. However, if you listen to her discuss floral design and see her arrangements, it’s apparent that her training has served her well. “I’ve always enjoyed the creative and artistic aspect of my job,” she says. “My best reward is bringing a smile to our customers’ faces.”

Cost-saving upkeep. 

Custom floral arrangements can last a year or more before they need to be spruced up. Preserved botanicals can fade and collect dust over time, so Weldon recommends that clients change them out annually. “This is only 10 to 20 percent of the original cost,” she says.

Want flowers and greenery you never have to water? 

Read Weldon’s tips below.

1. Weave Them Into Your Interior Design

Floral design is a layer of interior design, one that adds beauty and visual interest. “We tell our clients to think of this just like any other design or renovation project for their home,” Weldon says.

Discuss your style with your floral designer and bring color swatches and photographs of your interiors to your design consultation. If your style runs towards Southwestern, for example, consider adding hand-painted succulents to your home. The succulent arrangement seen here provides a splash of sculptural greenery to the vignette.

2. Consider Their Prominence

Come up with a budget for your floral arrangement that mirrors the investment you’ve made in the room where it will be displayed. “A great design is only as good as the materials used in an arrangement,” Weldon says. The piece featured in the farmhouse-inspired dining room seen here includes faux antlers made from driftwood, preserved moss and hand-painted silk flowers that blend with the room’s country-chic decor.

3. Use Them Year After Year 

Whether it’s a preserved Christmas tree, a wreath or a stunning centerpiece for the dinner table, everlasting arrangements are a natural choice for the holiday season. “These arrangements can last forever,” Weldon says. “All you might need is a new bow for the wreath every few years.” The preserved Christmas tree, garland and custom holiday decorations in this grand foyer create a festive scene that can be repeated year after year with minimal effort.





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