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Friends…I am so excited to share with you an amazing place to find home decor.  If you are local you have to go check out Holiday Warehouse in Plano, TX.   They reached out to me last month and invited me to come in and shop their store.  To be honest I was a little unsure because I thought it was a Christmas store.  Well, it is a Christmas store (actually the most amazing Christmas store) BUT so so so much more!  I like to call it “Home Decor Warehouse” because that really sums it up.  They have some of the most stunning home decor and absolutely incredible decorating services.  I cannot wait to tell you all about my new home decor source!  It is NOT just for the holidays although shopping in there felt like Christmas because I found so much cute stuff!
Holiday Warehouse is HUGE…I mean, if you cannot find it here….it doesn’t exist.  They have decor for every style.  I found the perfect neutral decor to get my table ready for a casual dinner party.
Check out this pedestal stand!  It is incredible and I love the size of it.  I have a lot of stands, but this one is one of my favorites.  It came in even larger sizes than this one.  There are so many uses for these stands, but I loved it as a base for a beautiful glass cloche and filler.
The french script runner was a neutral base to the table.  Open some books lying around your home and place these fabulous flame effect Luminara candles on them.  I am obsessed with these candles and Holiday Warehouse has the largest selection.  They come in all sizes, colors, textures and some are even scented.  Just pop in some batteries and you are all set.  The flame is battery operated to move around and flicker like real fire.  I cannot get over how real they look.  They even have a timer option on the bottom.  I seriously want these for every room in my house.  They are beautiful, never burn out and are safe…especially with kiddos around (and husbands who forget to blow them out 
Here is a quick video so you can see how it actually works.  So real looking right??!!
I fell in love with these wooden bells and they were only $4.99!  Solid wood with a jute rope.  These would look so cute in a bowl, hanging from drape tiebacks, on your Christmas tree, etc.  Here I placed them in the center of each place setting for a little added interest.
Here is my absolute FAVORITE piece that I got at Holiday Warehouse….this custom deer head!  I mean…how adorable?!!  I have never seen anything like it and am in love.  The designers at HW were incredibly wonderful to work with.  They custom created this one just for me with the colors I was going for (will give more details on this later).  I love finding new, unique decor pieces and this one definitely fit the bill!  I hung it in the middle of an antique window I had and then added a few other decor items to complete my buffet.
You can never have too many pedestal stands.  Here I used one of those incredible flame effect candles with a mini boxwood around it and filled the surrounding area with adorable wooden buttons (can see better in a photo below).  Then I found a larger wooden bell, similar to the smaller ones I used in each place setting, that tied everything together.  A cute distressed bowl with moss ball helped complete the look.
Here is a closeup of this stunning piece!
Here you can see the wooden buttons better…cute as a button right?! (wink)
I am so in love with this deer head that I had to move it to other parts of my home to see how great it looked.  Here I placed it in my entryway.
And here it is over my fireplace mantle.  It looks good everywhere!
Like I mentioned these antlers are completely custom.  You can go into the store, pick your own set of antlers that they have available and they will work with you to custom design whatever you want.
Here is another example that is more rustic/southwestern with succulents and moss.
Here is an example of one of the antler sets you can choose from and have customized.  I learned something new while I was there (maybe yall already know this) but deer shed their antlers every year?!!  I had no idea (this is probably very disappointing to many Texans reading this).  I am more of a city girl with a love for country porches, tea, farmhouses and mason jars (but hunting…not so much).  The one I had made was from real antlers that had been shed.  The photo below is from an animal no longer with us…hence the skull.
There are many sizes and styles to choose from.  Go by there ASAP to get one made to match your own home.
The selection of floral and the customization blew my mind.  You can go into the store and have a team come out to your home and work with you to design whatever you need.  The customer service is exceptional!  If you find items in the store you love they can make something for you there too.  I thought this moss wreath would look adorable with some antlers in it.
Like I said, the selection is huge.  These pictures really don’t do it justice.  You have to go into the store to take it all in.
They have faux and dried floral arrangements.  This one below is all with faux flowers!  Look how real it looks…and the other amazing thing is it feels real.  I wish you could feel through your screen.  They have special flowers that literally feel real.
I still don’t believe these roses aren’t real.  They will even work with brides to make a faux or dried version of their bouquet so it can be preserved forever.  I love this idea!  I saved mine and at this point it is basically ashes!
They have bowls and bowls of faux succulents.
Look at this dried arrangement.  All the textures and colors are stunning.
Any Real Housewives of Dallas fans out there?  This Marie Antoinette scene was featured in a commercial during the show.  The entire dress is made of faux floral.
Like I mentioned it is impossible to give you a full idea of what the store is like, but here is a view from inside the store.  It is constantly being changed around and re-styled too so it is full of new inspiration every time you go.
How amazing is this piece of furniture and all that greenery!
I loved these chicken wire cloches.
There is tons of coastal, farmhouse, rustic, western, traditional decor…really something for everyone.  They even have an entire wedding section with ideas and decor.
Along with floral they can custom make any wreath.
Here is one display featuring the flame effect candles I love.
Rows and rows of ribbon.  I got lost in these aisles for a long time…I love me some ribbon.
Check out these stuffed animals on Noah’s Ark!
And yes…they have Christmas.  Beautiful, stunning Christmas.  I need to do a whole other post on their Christmas and tree sections because WOW!  It is truly incredible.  They have a service where they will come to your home and decorate for you (if the price is right).
The Santas are unreal!  They do sports Santas, designer Santas (they did Louis Vuitton one year), Santas riding live taxidermy….I mean you name it…they can do it!
They also have the most incredible selection of lights.  Fairy lights, twinkling lights, remote control lights, ombre lights, LED lights, edison looking lights.  Your one stop light shop.
Seriously friends…if you are local go stop by Holiday Warehouse.

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