Coastal Mantle Decor with Holiday Warehouse

Friends, I am so excited to show off my coastal mantle decor for the summer! I know you all know by now that I am such a coastal fan. I grew up near Santa Cruz in Northern California and then went to USD in San Diego for college. I have NEVER not lived near the beach  . . . until these last 4 years and let me tell you it’s been rough. Coastal decor is just in my blood. It makes me feel relaxed and gives me a sense of home. So when I walked into Holiday Warehouse and loud and proud was a HUGE coastal display, I knew this was the place for me!

If you are local then you have to go in their shop in person in Plano, Texas. Otherwise all you online friends can check them out online. I was honestly so impressed with how big the place is and how broad their selection is not JUST of Christmas items. Like I said, the coastal display made me swoon! Take a look at my finds and get my styling tips to design a coastal mantel for yourself below.

Of course when designing a coastal space, incorporating blue is important. You really can use any shade of blue. I selected this rich deep blue when I saw these gorgeous jugs at Holiday Warehouse. They are show stopping in my opinion and really make the other decor pop.

With my rich blue pop, I used a lot of natural textured items. It really helps to create depth to a design.

Of course, you always need some shells and coral pieces to truly make it feel oceanic. Holiday Warehouse has these amazing coral pieces on the stands as well as a huge selection of large shells to choose from.

I tucked in faux succulents too because I always think you need a touch of greenery in every design. You actually see a lot of succulents near beaches in California so it made sense to me to pop them in. These ones come on long sticks so they are easy to tuck into little spaces. HW has a whole separate room that has just faux florals. The quality is SO amazing. They actually have roses that feel like a real rose petals. You truly do get what you pay for with them.

I am such a fan of candles but with how much I use them, I always seem to be in such a short supply of them. I adore these flameless candles. They have a real wax finish to them and give me the same ambience I love. There are so many sizes too to choose from. I did a mix and put some in cloches and glass jars while others I simply placed right on the mantel and hearth.

Can we just take a minute and talk about these canned lanterns. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. I think they make the whole design pop with their texture and pattern. I really do not even think these pictures do them justice.

I flanked the hearth with these heavy stone urns and filled them with these faux plants. It really does frame everything so pretty.

So what do you think? Are you feeling the coastal vibe yet??

And just to get your creative juices going, take a look inside their store . . . 

And just for a last peek at our mantle so you can see it at night. I am so in love with those flameless candles!

Told you it is great! Besides coastal items, Holiday Warehouse has garden, farmhouse, modern, traditional and even a bridal section. There really is something for everyone. So now that I have let you in on my new shopping secret, I may see you there soon since this is now one of my regular go-to spots for decor items!


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