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    Pinners Conference TX

    Posted on September 19 2016

    This month, Holiday Warehouse sponsored a booth at Pinners Conference TX! It was so great to see all the pinterest and craft minded people in Arlington, TX. 

    As one of the 200 exhibiting businesses, we provided a shopping experience as well as provided inspiration for other projects using our products. There were also many classes to attend - including calligraphy, macaron making, and wood-working.

    Holiday Warehouse is so much more than a Christmas Store (you probably already knew that), but we wanted to showcase to this new market how many crafting materials and products we provide, as well. Our designers are some of the best in the business, but that doesn't mean you can't make something great on your own. 

    We provide a majority of the crafty objects you need to make a masterpiece - floral stems, vases, antlers, and ornaments. We encouraged the attendees to try and create their own snowy arrangement with our products. 

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