How to Create a Casual and Elegant Tablescape - Holiday Warehouse

How to Create a Casual and Elegant Tablescape

How to Create a Casual and Elegant Tablescape - Holiday Warehouse

Start With Something Fresh

To start, you’ll want to invest in greenery—whether it’s live, dried, or faux—to use throughout the holiday season as a versatile backdrop for entertaining.

Add a Pop of Color

Use your interior’s palette as a guide to create a complementary color scheme for your tablescape. Sander uses bright greens, creamy whites, and calming greys; this would pair nicely with a neutral interior or rich wood flooring. If your dining room has a statement piece (like a painting or buffet table in a punchy color), pull those hues into the mix.

Center the Scene

Draw the eye in with a centerpiece that pops among the greenery. Choose an earthenware bowl and fill it with light-catching baubles. For a personal touch, snip some greenery from your family’s tree, your garland, or even your garden, and tuck the leaves under the ornaments.

Party Favor for Guests

Offer your guests a small gift to take home with them as a memento. A gift of greenery, like a petite wreath of real leaves, is a touching way to thank them for spending the holidays with you.

Keep the Conversation Flowing

The goal of holiday entertaining is, of course, to create a welcoming atmosphere for precious time spent with loved ones. You’ll want to keep your tablescape at an optimal height to allow for conversation across the table.

With flickering candles and lush greens adorning your table, your guests will delight in their stunning surroundings. And as the night winds down, toast to a beautiful holiday season spent together.

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