Holiday Storage Tips - Holiday Warehouse

Holiday Storage Tips

Holiday Storage Tips - Holiday Warehouse

Storing your holiday goodies is always the least fun part about decorating, but it has gotten easier! We offer a great selection of well-thought storage items to ease your packing this year. Tree bags provide more room than the original box, and have wheels for easy transport. Lights can often loosen or break when shoved into a box. Protect your investment so that you can enjoy it for years to come! Holiday Warehouse also offers lighting, gift wrap, wreath and garland storage options. Here are some of our favorite products! 

This tree bag features wheels and a handle for easy use. It is made of a durable fabric blend that will stand up to wear, and comes in two sizes to fit your 6'-9' tree. 

These lighting reels alleviate tangling mishaps and bulb breakage. The fabric case has a label on the top, so you can organize your sets for the next year. 

This handy case stores breakables with a zippered pocket for linens. It features wheels and a handle for easy use. 

This bag holds the larger trees with ease. At $49.99, it is an easy investment that is sure to lengthen the life of your tree. 

Our store carries a wide variety of storage and display items. We carry wreath and garland hangers, stocking holders, ornament clips and hangers, and many other Christmas essentials! 

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