Brand Spotlight: Toy Maker Santas - Holiday Warehouse

Brand Spotlight: Toy Maker Santas

Brand Spotlight: Toy Maker Santas - Holiday Warehouse

Holiday Warehouse is pleased to offer one-of-a-kind Santa figures hand-crafted by Brian Kidwell, affectionately known as "The Toy Maker". 

Kidwell is a second-generation toy maker. Following in his father's footsteps, he creates uniquely whimsical art pieces made from many recycled materials. He incorporates items like gears, tubing, piano pieces, and recycled garments.

Since each item is hand-made, Kidwell is very meticulous when it comes to selecting materials and objects to incorporate in his pieces. Each heirloom toy and doll is sculpted, hand-sewn, and embellished. No two pieces are the same! 

For our Holiday Warehouse custom Toymaker Santas, we help source the materials to be used, such as mink coats, jeweled trim, and designer trinkets. Our owners spend all year collecting items to incorporate in the Santa that will be made for the store. 

Check out our other custom Toymaker Santas this holiday season! 

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