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    Our Design Team

    Sharon Swain


    For Sharon Swain, Christmas is a year-round celebration! With over 25 years in the Design and Decor business, Sharon has decorated hundreds of homes and businesses for the Holidays. As lead Designer for Holiday Warehouse, Sharon is the mastermind behind the stunning displays you see each year! She loves sharing her wealth of knowledge and anyone who has met Sharon will attest that her passion for what she does is infectious!

    Julie Weldon


    As lead Floral Designer for Holiday Warehouse, Julie's Weldon's creations are no less than spectacular! Her extensive experience and skill are evident in the beautiful 'everlasting arrangements' that she creates. Whether it be arrangements, wreaths, swags or specialty custom orders, Julie definitely brings her signature style to each of her pieces! You can see her work in-store throughout the year.

    Maria Gonzalez


    Our resident 'Bow Queen', Maria Gonzalez specializes in Floral Design. Many of the wreaths, swags, garlands and trees that you see throughout our Store have been created by Maria! With her knowledge and experience as a florist, Maria loves incorporating flowers and ribbon into her unique designs. Working with Maria is a delightful experience as she is funny, creative and so talented!

    Scotty Whitehead


    We are proud to welcome Scotty Whitehead to the Holiday Warehouse Design Team! He is an extraordinary Floral Designer, known for his eye-catching Nature inspired custom arrangements, wreaths and swags. His awesome creativity and passion for Floral Design, accompanied by years of experience, shows in his unique creations.