Katherine's Collection


Eternal Devotion

Fall in love with the fashionable Count Blade VonBitten and Countess Lilith VonBitten, who have pledged their Eternal Devotion to one another. The count wears red faux alligator shoes and his cape can be worn open or closed. The countess is stunning in a sequined and marabou dress capped off with a rat stole. Even Mr. Howl, their butler, is dapper with his skeleton tie pin and monocle. Catch the lovers dancing a tango in the fantastically intricate Dance ‘Til Dusk Tabletop piece, complete with real lights. For adults, the Werewolf Bottle Holder proves an amusing way to keep the wine flowing, and, for the children, the Eternal Devotion Bat Bowl is the perfect creepy candy holder.

Halloween Hallow

Welcome to Halloween Hollow, where every day is Halloween. Hilda Blackroot can be found consulting her book of spells at both doll- and life-sized heights. Mayor Murphy, the Hollow’s head honcho, stands proudly on his own, when he’s not trolling the neighborhood. Lanky Leg Pumpkins, Grumpy and Goofy — the Hollow’s resident velvet-clad odd couple — prepare for their regular Trick-or-Treaters to arrive. Lucky for them, Buddy Bones, Fangs Dracula, Wanda Witch, and Frank Stein always have their costumes ready to go. Meanwhile, the Three Wise Pumpkins may not hear, see, nor speak evil, but they are ready to serve up some sinfully delicious cupcakes.

Seers & Takers

Prepare to be mystified by Tanda the Seer. Her skeletal facial cutout and exposed ribs reveal her undead state. She is all hand-made, including the elaborate trims and colorful glitter. Equally as ravishing and terrifying is her companion, Thanatos the Grim Reaper, whose feathered wings are truly a sight to behold. His lantern includes a battery-operated tea light. Not-so-faithful for-legged fiend, Chomp, Dog of the Underworld, stands guard over his candy bowl, looking menacing with his faux fur mane. Should these creatures scare the life out of you, the Grim Reaper Carriage is poised to collect your soul; or, if you’d prefer, the River Styx Gondola is accepting passengers.

Disturbing Delights

Enter a land where confections come to life in the strangest ways and the local treat shoppe is owned by the puckish Pie Witch. But beware; her treats aren’t so sweet.

Every item in this spooky Halloween theme is adorned with dessert-inspired embellishments or bedazzled with candy. There’s even a food delivery service, and you never know what will crawl out of your take-out…


Lady MacDeath heralds a tantalizingly glamorous evil straight from a medieval nightmare. Gloomio and Gloomiet, our skeletal, star-crossed lovers, begin their afterlife with all the trappings of a gothic catacomb. The jewels adorning Gloomio’s chest are inspired by the begemmed skeletons of actual European martyrs. Shakesfeare is surely Katherine’s Collection’s most frightening theme yet!

Gone Batty

Jilted by her fiancé, Atticus, Lady Theodora Nightwing has gone positively batty. Alive and yet haunting, she remains in her wedding dress and waits by the window for apparitions of Atticus to appear. He isn’t the only ghostly figure to bewitch her! Vultures, crows, and a ghostly horse-drawn carriage round out this fall collection. Set in the Victorian era, the pieces in Gone Batty will inspire a classically creepy Halloween.