SafeHaven of Tarrant County - Holiday Warehouse

SafeHaven of Tarrant County

SafeHaven of Tarrant County - Holiday Warehouse
NBC's Talk Street with Kristen Dickerson discusses Deck the Door with Kelli McMullen, Vice President of Holiday Warehouse and Co-Chair of Deck the Door.

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After we loaded up our trailer full of holiday decorations, ornaments & wreaths, our HW team drove over to Fort Worth delivering all the goodies to SafeHaven!
Unloading all these boxes and separating them out took a little bit of time, but we wanted to make sure it was easy for the women to find what they were looking for!
The women and children at SafeHaven really wanted to be able to adorn their door with a customized wreath.
We brought in wreaths for each family with an assortment of florals and ornaments of all colors so that each door could be unique and special.
For safety purposes, we did not post images of the women staying at the shelter. 
Below is our team that visited SafeHaven and unloaded boxes for all the women and children!

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