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    Five Golden Rings Glass Ornament



    Five Golden Rings Glass Ornament

    Jay Strongwater's “12 Days of Christmas” Holiday ornament series continues with the 2018 introduction of the Five Golden Rings Ornament. These five sparkling bejeweled rings - bursting out of their bowed box - were carved first in clay and then mouth-blown in glass by old-world glass artisans in Poland. Hand-painted in golds with hand-set ruby, emerald, amethyst and sapphire colored crystals on a red bowed emerald colored box. Embellished with fine glitter details and hand-set Swarovski® crystals.


    The Details

    4” W x 5” H x 2” D


    Mouth-blown glass hand-painted with enamels and glitter, and hand-set with Swarovski® crystals from old-world glass artisans in Poland.


    Signature Jay Strongwater holiday box.

    Item: SDH2298-250

    Jay Strongwater's bejeweled collections for the home—from frames and figurines to boxes, furniture, and holiday collections—add color and delight to every room.