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    Clementine Hunter Goose Hauling Flowers Ornament

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    Clementine Hunter Goose Hauling Flowers Ornament

    In this whimsical artist rendering, Clementine Hunter depicts a Gooster, a combination of a rooster and a goose, pulling a cart of Zinnias, her favorite flowers.

    • Dimensions: 4"x3"x4"

    This hand blown glass Christmas ornament is meticulously hand sculpted and hand painted by highly skilled artisans. No two ornaments are exactly alike. Each piece has its own distinctive shape and textured surface that allows you to feel the passion in Celmentine Hunter's work.

    Each ornament arrives in a stunning gift box for gift giving and safe storage. A percentage of the proceeds of each sale goes towards the preservation and interpretation of the Clementine Hunter House on Melrose Plantation, A National Historic Landmark.

    Item: CH8100