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    4" Wish Ball Ornament, Glacier



    4" Wish Ball Ornament, Glacier

    Each Wish Ball Ornament is carefully hand-crafted out of glass, making every piece unique in color and shape. The sculpted loop at the top is designed for easy hanging with string of your choosing.
    Colorful branch-like strands twist and turn inside the glass orb, catching the light from your window or garden. Each combination of color is a nod to elements of the natural world.
    Like a fortune cookie, each colorful 4" ornament comes with an attached wish card.

    • Handblown glass*
    • Individually boxed
    • Features shades of blue


    *Because each ornament is handmade, colors and appearance may vary. No two pieces are exactly the same which makes each ornament even more special. Attached wish cards are assorted and each delivers an inspirational wish to the recipient.


    Item: 275490

    by Luke Adams Glass