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    Village Lighting

    The Best Mini Lights, Period.

    When decorating for Christmas, you deserve the best results. Village Lighting's Super Mini™ LED string lights brings a brilliance to your holiday home decor, guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone who passes.

    The unique mini lights spotlight-tip design creates a bright beam and halo effect that contributes to making these the best mini lights. The awe-inspiring appearance will be the beacon of your neighborhood.

    These small LED Christmas tree lights pack more power than most other big bulb Christmas Lights. The spotlight halo emmits an ultra-bright and vivid beam of light that illuminates your trees, bushes, wreaths, and garlands unlike any other LED string lights that you've ever seen.

    In addition to being the brightest, most powerful mini lights, the spotlight tip creates a twinkle effect that demands attention from anyone that passes by.

    Village Lighting Super Mini™ LED

    The Village Lighting Super Mini features a spot light tip.

    This magnified lens covers nearby surfaces with color and creates a visual sparkle effect.

    See how the Super Mini can create a stunning effect on your holiday decor.