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2019 Holiday Decor Themes


Planning and executing new themes each year is always an exciting and sometimes exhausting task! Months and months of preparation go into carefully selecting the decor that will comprise each individual theme. Our Design Team monitors the current and forecasted trends each year to determine how to meet the needs of our customers. Swatches and samples of ribbons, ornaments and decor pieces are collected and layouts are sketched. Then, bit by bit, the themes start coming together!

The focal point of each theme is, of course, 'The Tree'. Each area is designated a tree (or two!) that really showcases the colors, patterns and textures of each theme!

This year, we are excited to introduce some stunning new palettes, as well as new takes on customer favorites, such as the Gingerbread and Winter Themes!

Take a look at the Decor Themes for 2019!

Red On Red On Red

Blue & White


Gold & Purple

Gingerbread & Peppermint

Lime Green & Silver

Mark Roberts

Black & White

Champagne & Mint