How to Elevate Your Garland Using Natural Elements - Holiday Warehouse

How to Elevate Your Garland Using Natural Elements

How to Elevate Your Garland Using Natural Elements - Holiday Warehouse

Space It Out

Begin by fluffing your garland. Pine needles should be full, well-spaced, and ready to be complemented with added design elements.

Add Atypical Greenery

Take your garland to new heights by layering in greenery, whether traditional or daring. Your garland will look vibrant and modern with additions like cedar, pine, or magnolia—as Moore says, “the more the merrier.” Consider infusing atypical greenery (think olive or eucalyptus branches) to create contrast.

Throw In Eye-Catching Extras

Further adorn your garland with festive flourishes. Moore opts for stark-white antlers and amaryllis, layering the elements for a seamless blend. You could also add deep jewel tones with a few well-placed florals. If you love the distinct smell of a Christmas tree, use fresh materials in your garland to tap into the scents of the season, from cinnamon pinecones to evergreen needles.

Tie It All Together

For a finishing touch, tie on a ribbon. Moore uses wire ribbon, which is easy to twist and shape as desired. Loop the ribbon through your design, spinning and twirling as you go—the wire will help add structure. The grey velvet Moore uses offers a contrast in texture; you could also choose a silk ribbon or a sheer material. Tie in the ends, and you’ll have a polished final piece.

Whether your garland hangs proudly on the front door or rests delicately on the mantle, your handmade creation will brighten your space and add a seasonal panache.

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